Our range includes several FLAT TOP tower cranes models that go from our ETT 60-5 tons up to our ETT 791- 40 tons. All of our tower cranes meet the EU and OSHA standards.
The components and steel we use are either Italian or European.

Our LUFFER range currently goes from our ETL 113- 8 tons up to our ETL 253 – 20 tons. We are working right now on expanding our LUFFER range to take it up to the ETL 639- 42 tons.

Our DERRICK range includes our EDK 32- 3 tons, EDK 60- 4 tons and our very special EDK 200 – 16 tons which is really unique with its slewing radius of only 4,5 meters and the possibility to dismantle itself thanks to its hydraulic version. But we didn’t stop there so we’ve developed also the standard electric version that needs a smaller derrick to be dismantled.

Our SELF ERECTING cranes goes from our GTA 17-1,5 tons up to our GTA 52-4 tons.