Choose quality and diversity.
Our engineers and designers have been growing and learning how to develop our best cranes for the last 30 years. We are constantly expanding and improving our range in order to offer many different tower cranes models as well as luffer, derrick and self erecting cranes.
We are all very passionate about our job and we work hard to deliver what our customers request us and we like to still work on our own projects and that has allowed us to design, engineer and manufacture over the years what now is our current cranes’ range which includes luffer, tower cranes up to our ETT 791-40 tons, special cranes such as our derrick EDK 200- 16 tons, self erecting cranes as well as hoisting winches up to 110 Kw.
We also offer several tailored  engineering services based on any type of request. We study it and come up with our own certified calculations that meet both the EU and OSHA standards as far as safety goes.
Endless possibilities and the market’s demands requires constant improvements on our products and we believe in safety, quality and being unique and different.
Be a part of something new, different yet still safe and reliable.
Envision your crane, you can create it with us!