ENGCRANES is an Italian company based in Reggio Emilia. What sets it apart from the other major market leaders is its versatility of being both a manufacturer and designer at the same time not just for its own products but for anyone who wants his own crane and need support in any technical issue it may occur.
We strive for everything we’ve accomplished through the years and we strive even harder for what has yet to come, always ready and happy to be a part of something new and for the next challenge and project that comes our way.

Check out what we have in the works which at the moment is expanding our luffers range up to a 42 tons, our brand new ETT 791 flat top tower crane, 40 tons. Our range also includes a very special and different derrick, our EDK 200- 16 tons, which with its 4,5 mt of slewing radius makes it unique amongst the other derrick available on the market.
Have also a look at our self erecting cranes.
Our team is always available for any need our customers may have on job sites and/or for any new request and quote we get. Always working towards the new and different!